Think holistically

Assisting a tech entrepreneur – one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurs in the world currently – on their immigration to Switzerland.

Supporting a renowned event organizer in international immigration laws.

Assisting an international family with business in tech and assets across multiple jurisdictions in their move to Switzerland.

Analyze several jurisdictions for a transfer of domicile for a family holding several citizenships and assets on three continents.

Holistik advises an investor on sustainable investing for the pension assets.

Advising on financial and tax strategy for a Swiss lawyer, including the planning for early retirement and the management of real estate properties.

Analyzing financial and pension alternatives for an international couple with assets across several jurisdictions.

Providing an international design business – present in Middle East, Pacific and Europe – advisory services across a broad range of legal and consulting areas such as to expand into the Swiss market.

Advising a Swiss entrepreneur and foreign executive couple on a holistic patrimonial strategy, including company solutions, asset protection, and family inheritance matters.

Assisting a Swiss-based investor in the acquisition of foreign moveable and immovable assets.

Assisting a real estate entrepreneur in the capital restructuring of the company – including governmental measures during COVID19.

Assessing tax liability of various international structures for an executive family and providing the clients with several options.

Articulating options available in the cross-border consolidation of assets.

Assisting in the voluntary disclosure for several Swiss- and foreign based family branches.

Innovative perspectives

for a holistic financial impact

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