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HUB Entrepreneurship & Innovation of the University of Lausanne (UNIL), UCreate: The only way to have a sustainable future is to create it, Trang Fernandez-Leenknecht, 100 Entrepreneurs UNIL, June 2021 [Read] [Portrait].

Vocation : Entrepreneur – Law and Finance in the service of sustainable innovation. Meeting with Trang Fernandez-Leenknecht (FDCA Law, 2003), who takes up the challenge to integrate strong values in assisting her clients every day with her company: Holistik. By Céliane De Luca, ALUMNIL Network, The network of UNIL graduates, Newsletter May 2021. [Portrait]

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How MiFID II and IDD product suitability assessment within the framework of the European Commission´s Action Plan “Financing Sustainable Growth” could constitute a formidable opportunity to leverage and democratize Impact Investing in all European and non-European investors. [read abstract]

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