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Coninco MasterClasses, Trang Fernandez-Leenknecht during the panel “The Economy spontaneously built a « new world » “, alongside John Moorhead (Project Drawdown, Climate solutions) and Jonathan Normand (B Corp), 10 June 2021.

5th International Annual Conference on Smart Finance for Peace and Sustainable Development, Geneva Forum @ the United Nations.
Holistik will be co-chairing the Conferences (online this year)

  • Smart Finance & Crypto Economy (16 December 2020)
  • Impact Investing, Donation & Philanthropy (7 December 2020)

Meet and react to the speakers and the audience: a lively conference with a lot of Q&A! Watch the video and network with the speakers and participants

University of Geneva’s Sustainable Finance Hackathon Collective intelligence moment to develop practical solutions to concrete problems: identification of Impact, definition of Return thanks to Big Data (User interfaces to encourage impact investment, Legal tech for accountability and transparency at scale), 13-14 November 2020.

Coninco MasterClasses, “Objective: Switzerland, world centre of sustainable finance” during the panel “The Economy spontaneously built a « new world » “, 12 November 2020 –> Reported in 2021

Club du Jeudi, “The new European Union’s Action Plan “Financing Sustainable Growth”: What repercussions on Switzerland and its economy ?” 5 November 2020 –> Reported in 2021

4th Annual International Conference on Crowdfunding and Smart Finance @ The United Nations, “From Responsible to sustainable to impact investing”, Objectif Science International, 8 December 2019.

Making use of finance to change the world”, Building Bridges, Canton of Geneva and Swiss Sustainable Finance, 10 October 2019

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